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Best part about our job is being constantly validated by your praise. Yes we need your love all the time. Here is what people say about our work on a regular basis.

Dear JC:

When I called world famous, celebrity photographer, Denis Reggie to shoot my wedding, I was disappointed to find out that he was completely booked. When I asked Mr. Reggie whom he would recommend as his replacement, he immediately said, “JC Brasil.” I must admit at first, I was concerned about selecting a photographer other than Mr. Reggie but you proved me wrong!

I just wanted to tell you what a phenomenal job you did on my wedding album. You are an extremely talented photographer and a joy to work with. Each picture captures the true essence of our wedding and the album was beautifully put together to tell the story of the day. I will never hesitate to call you again for other future projects and please feel free to use me as a reference.

Best regards,
Aben Paulie

Dear JC

I enjoyed spending my wedding day with you and have referred several people to you for work. I am just glad you were available for my wedding.

Sharon Clint

Dear JC:

You are a fabulous photographer, a great business man, and a wonderful addition to any wedding celebration.

Among all the people we met with and worked with during the wedding planning process, you were our absolute favorite person to work with. We loved how upbeat, happy and enthusiastic you were whenever we spoke with you. You always seemed very interested in us and the success of our wedding day. We also appreciated the thorough and professional nature of your meetings, correspondence and phone calls.

When people think of selecting a wedding photographer, they probably don’t give enough thought to how the photographer will interact with them and their wedding guests. You were great! You really enjoy what you do and it shows in the positive energy you give off in a situation, and how well you interacted with us and our guests. You worked over six hours at our wedding, and you were still upbeat at the end of the night.

You captured the unique moments and special emotions of our wedding day in an artistic manner. One thing that is especially noteworthy is that you were able to take these photographs without people being aware of you and your camera. Your presence didn’t change the moment or affect the course of events, so we have true candid photographs.

We were so happy and excited as we went through the proofs for the first time. There are several shots that we just love and that we look at over and over again. In addition, we were surprised at some of the special moments you recorded for us — you didn’t miss anything.

JC, thank you for adding to the joy of our wedding and for helping to preserve our memories of the day.

Wishing You All The Best,
Eric ‘Maui Boy’ Polinski


I realize the extra mile that you went to please me by reprinting some of the formal shots. You are certainly sincere when you say you are in the business of pleasing customers. Thank you again for all your time, effort and hard work in photographing our wedding and producing the finala album.

Kroft Hermen

Dear JC:

Sarah and I both want to thanks you for the fantastic job you and your staff did at our wedding. Your professionalism during the wedding and the fantastic pictures that you took are still a topic of conversation whenever the wedding is brought up with friends and family.

As for the album, it speaks for itself. I cannot imagine a better way to memorialize the joyous day of my life than flip through the wedding album.

Thank you again for an outstanding job. Well done, JC!

Mack B

Dear JC,

Thank you for the incredible job you did at our wedding. First, our initial meeting was both informative and enjoyable. You presented your portfolio in a professional manner, as well as spent time discussing my wedding day vision. While you gave me information, you also really listened to what I wanted. This was very important to me, for other photographers told me what they wanted to do (not considering what I wanted).

In our meeting, you mentioned that you were a flexible photographer. And boy were you! When I made a last minute change in when the family would be photographed, you assured me it was no problem. At a time when I was stressed and nervous — your flexibility was appreciated.

At the wedding you were terrific! You were patient with our rowdy wedding party, and handled the chaos with ease.

Last, and most important, the proofs are wonderful! The black and white photographs are incredible, and we especially like the candid images. You captured such special moments and subtle gestures beautifully. We are so pleased and excited about the proofs, we can’t wait to see them in an album.

It was such a pleasure to work with you — you have a warm and delightful personality. Again, thank you for capturing our special moments that we’ll treasure forever.

Fondly, Janine and Tom