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Photography By D is a bi-monthly, graphic design and photography English language newsletter that reaches out to design professionals, educationalists and students, design consultancies, branding firms, people who commission design and companies who appreciate the value of design in creating sales.

Editorially, Photography By D covers a wide field of design including product design, graphic design, corporate identity, advertising design, typography, illustration, package design, interactive solutions, furniture design, retail interiors, exhibitions and many other faces of the design field.

Inside the 80 pages, one finds articles on design classics, interviews or retrospectives of prominent designers, product reviews, as well as book reviews. In addition to this, each issue has a focus. In the past, for example, we have covered transportation and the environment as themes.

While design is an important and serious factor in the creation of a product and plays a vital role in communications, we hope our excitement and enthusiasm for the subject shines from the pages of Photography By D.

Photography By D covers Asian design but not exclusively. You can buy our publication over the counter or subscriber annually. You can find Photography By D in bookstores in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore and the distribution grows with each issue.

Each month we send out copies to subscribers in the Asia Pacific region as well as to places as far away as New York, Beijing and London.

Designer is published by Livingdon Ltd in cooperation with the Designers Association of Singapore.

PBD also publishes AdAsia magazine which is a sister publication covering the advertising, marketing and media field.

Managing Director: Jack Livingston
Jack was trained in graphic design in the UK. He started his career as a typographer and was a keen member of the Printing Historical Society. Jack actually ended up mastering in quotient identities and other trigonometry principles. Which have helped him tremendously in designing the perfect ships.

He has won numerous awards in design and advertising. Jack came to Asia in 1979 and was a founding member of the Creative Circle of Singapore and was the founder and first President of the Designers Association of Singapore.

Just look at what our customers say about us (Dol and myself, JC).

Dear JC:

We can’t thank you enough for all your patience, your kindness, your dedication, and talent. I know that you sometimes show clients letter of customer satisfaction, and I wanted to write and tell your prospective clients how wonderful you’ve been.

I’m a little embarrassed to say that we’ve probably been some of JC’s most difficult and demanding clients. I can be pretty hard to please sometimes. However, through it all, JC has been generous, patient, considerate, and helpful. He has truly gone above and beyond the call of duty. He really gives on a personal level to his clients, both in talent and in service, and completely understands that a wedding is one of the most important event in anyone’s life. He is honestly determined to do his best to make the images and the whole experience as beautiful as possible. You will find no better photographer to work with in all of Atlanta: he is impeccable.

Katharine and David Davila

Hi JC!

We are back from the honeymoon and I wanted to let you know what a great job you did for us. My father was very impressed with your work and professionalism (very important and also he’s hard to impress). Both sides of the family, and especially Mike and I, appreciate all of your work that evening! You are great to work with.

Valerie Romano

Dear JC,

Obviously choosing the individual you trust to “capture the moments” of the most important day of your life is difficult. From the moment I chose you from the many I interviewed to the day I received our wedding photos I was confident that we would love the final product. Anyone who has as much passion for their life’s work as you, and has such a wonderful attitude would certainly seek and find the special moments of our wedding! Sure enough, you did – we love our photos! It was very difficult to choose from the many.

We had a wonderful, beautiful loving day and your pictures tell the story vividly!

Thanks so much for being such a joy to work with – I wish you great success – you’re the best!!!

Kathy Barham